compassroseCedar Rapids is within a day of 72 million consumers, we’re centrally located with superb connectivity!

Cedar Rapids has the right place for your business

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is a city full of surprises for growing companies. Surprised to learn that we’re within a day’s drive of 72 million consumers? Surprised to discover a local workforce of more than 788,000 that national employers tell us is 25% more productive than their workers elsewhere? Surprised to find that we’ve been creating innovative technology for decades? Surprised to see that we have one of the most diverse economic bases in the Midwest? Surprised by big-city excitement without big-city congestion?

The closer you look, the more surprises you’ll find. Our highway and rail network makes it easy to move materials in and products out. Our highly trained workers have diverse skills that reflect our unusually broad mix of industry — including defense technology, finance, biotechnology, food processing and production, aviation, insurance and more. We have a long tradition of supporting entrepreneurship. And local residents will tell you there’s so much to do so close to home, from sporting events to NewBo’s lively vibe.

Actually, the only thing surprising about Cedar Rapids is the fact that you’re not already doing business here! We’re ready to help you change that. We’ welcome the chance to show you around, listen attentively to your company’s needs, and spell out everything we can do to help.

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