Cedar Rapids Utilities

Cedar Rapids: plenty of dark fiber, clean water and low utility rates

Cedar Rapids, Iowa has had a longstanding business community made up of industries that require significant amounts of utility capacity. For years, our local leaders have worked with utilities to ensure that the capacity always stays well ahead of demand -- which is great news for companies looking for communities that can meet their utility needs.


Take data. ImOn offers one of the nation’s fastest dark fiber networks, giving data centers, distribution facilities, and other technology-driven operations the bandwidth they need at speeds beyond their expectations. There’s enough fiber to make ringed networks and multiple-carrier service easy to provide. The fiber network also reaches into residential areas, supporting entrepreneurs and those who work from home.


The city’s water and wastewater systems currently offer 15 million gallons per day of excess available capacity, so large-volume users are assured of sufficient capacity to run their facilities. For wastewater producers, pre-treatment isn’t needed, reducing capital investment and operating costs. You’ll find that rates for all of our area’s utility systems are remarkably affordable, helping you do business at a lower cost.



Alliant Energy
MidAmerican Energy Company


City of Cedar Rapids
Excess available capacity of 34 million gpd


Alliant Energy


City of Cedar Rapids
Excess available capacity of 18 million gpd


Qwest Corporation
South Slope Communications

Fiber/Dark Fiber Access


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