Retail in Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids: a strong, affluent market seeking retailers

Cedar Rapids, Iowa enjoys a strong local economy that’s diverse enough to withstand national downturns and ensure that local residents maintain a desirable standard of living. For retailers, that means a strong customer base -- more than 695,000 residents within a 50-mile radius -- throughout all economic climates.

Our area’s population growth is outpacing retail expansion. A recent Buxton leakage report cited significant opportunities for food and beverage establishments, companies offering clothing and accessories, home furnishing stores, and other retailers. Traffic counts are high and residents have the disposable income retailers crave.

There are numerous strong retail locations in the community with space that’s ready to lease. We also have plenty of space ready for development for standalone stores, vehicle dealerships, and other retailers that need room to spread out. Local developers are willing to invest in efforts to attract retailers, state economic development programs offer incentives, and local leaders support those efforts with fast permitting and infrastructure improvements. If your company is seeking a profitable market for its latest location or the launch of a new concept, we’ll be happy to show you some promising spots.

Need to know where your customers are located? We have analytics that can help you enter a market of 700,000 consumers.

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