Final Open House Nov 9 for Public to Give Feedback on Mt. Vernon Road

The third and final open house for the public to provide feedback on Mt. Vernon Road:

Wednesday, November 9

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

All Saints School gymnasium (720 29th St SE)

Open house style, no formal presentation; residents can come at their convenience.

Public input has been sought to help generate a vision for Mt. Vernon Road between 10th Street SE and 44th Street SE. Since the first open house last June, residents have provided feedback on how the corridor looks, retail opportunity, how walkable it is, preferences on building aesthetics, and more. On November 9, residents will have the opportunity to see a preview of draft action steps that will serve as the long-term plan for future initiatives on Mt. Vernon Road, including:

  • Roadway designs aimed at addressing congestion and traffic flow
  • Proposed improvements for the intersections of 15th Street and 19th Street
  • Timelines for future road improvement projects
  • Additional steps to help address long-term needs of the corridor

The final open house will also offer an opportunity to see the feedback provided thus far. A summary of public preferences expressed to date includes:

  • Increase walkability
  • Improve traffic flow and ease of traffic movements
  • Increase retail variety
  • Improve cohesiveness / develop a theme in aesthetics
  • Emphasize unique historic elements of the corridor

About the Mt. Vernon Road Corridor Action Plan

A Corridor Action Plan focuses on a major transportation corridor that provides connectivity within the city. These plans provide an analysis of current conditions and a list of recommended actions to be applied long-term to make improvements or address issues, and invite full public participation. Corridor Action Plans were identified through the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in January 2015 following extensive public feedback. Material presented at the first two public meetings is available on the City’s website: