Find Information about Welcoming Week Events and Activities in CR (9/10 to 9/19)

Special Art Installations Around the City Say, “We Welcome All to Our Community”


CEDAR RAPIDS – “Welcoming Wings” art installations will be featured around the City of Cedar Rapids, from September 10—19, as the city celebrates “Welcoming Week 2021.” The seven by four-foot-tall wings, represent various cultural backgrounds, and demonstrate that Cedar Rapids is an inclusive and welcoming community that spreads its wings of welcome to all who call our city “home.”

“These spectacular wings were specially designed and created locally as a tribute to the many cultural backgrounds we have in Cedar Rapids,” said Quinn Pettifer, co-chair of the Inclusive ICR Coalition. “Wings are a symbol of hope and of freedom, and in this case—we see them as a symbol of inclusion. We welcome people of different backgrounds to Cedar Rapids, and we welcome them with open arms and welcoming wings.”

Welcoming Week celebrates all immigrants and residents with foreign backgrounds who choose to make our city their home. Cedar Rapids has a rich history of welcoming and embracing immigrants, many of whom helped found and develop Cedar Rapids into what it is today.

“Welcoming immigrants into our community benefits everyone in Cedar Rapids,” said Doug Neumann, Executive Director at the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance. “Inclusive communities are more attractive to international companies looking to expand their businesses here. Furthermore, immigrants are 45% more likely to be entrepreneurs than U.S.-born residents. This helps strengthen and diversify our economy. Finally, immigrants are a solution to the workforce issues that many of our local businesses currently face.”

Welcoming Week is being celebrated across the country to let immigrants know they are welcomed and wanted. The week features festivals and is a reminder about all the area resources available to help people feel connected to our community and achieve a higher quality of life.


Here are a few of the local festivals and celebrations:

  • Sunday, September 12th Festival Latino
  • Friday, September 17th BrewNost at National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
  • Saturday, September 18th 7th Annual AsianFest

Area residents are encouraged to visit the Welcoming Wings and post pictures on social media with #WelcomingCR. Please tag @Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance.

The wings can be found at these locations from September 10th to September 17th:
National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library:
>Czech-themed wings
>Lebanese-themed wings
>Everyone is welcome wings

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art:Indian-themed wings
>Spanish/Latino-themed wings
>Cedar Rapids Public Library:
>African-themed wings
>Everyone is welcome wings

All the wings will also be on display at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday, September 18th.
Pictures of the wings are available to download and use:

Please credit the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance.  More information on Welcoming Week including local immigrant stories, videos and other special events can be found at